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The 23 District Project is a secret project that the organization and the government of Japan created to find the right dictator/leader to lead Japan to a new generation? The 23 District Project also pick one banchou in each 23 district and they have to fight each other to get the other one. The person who created it was Homura Kongou but was later was took control by Takeshi Kongou!


There are about 24 banchou who entred the project (if you count Akira?) If a member of the District was defeated they are out of the project.

23 District Project Banchou's
AkiraKongouC KiryuTouyaC RaionjiC ShirayukinomiyaKobushiC YuuAkiyamaC
Kongou Banchou Iai Banchou Nenbutsu Banchou Gouriki Banchou Hikyou Banchou
ShirobaraC HarukaKodamaC HomurayaRyougenC DoukeC NenchakuC
Shirobara Banchou Sasori Banchou Bakunetsu Banchou ouke Banchou Nenchaku Banchou
KabukiC KangokuC KyouryuuC KyokumonC ShagekiC
Kabuki Banchou Kangoku Banchou Kyouryuu Banchou Kyokumon Banchou Shageki Banchou
AT-KM-100C DokusenC HasamiC KaitenC CandyC
Machine Banchou Dokusen Banchou Hasami Banchou Kaiten Banchou Candy Banchou
HanasakaC TekkouC DokuroC OurouC
Hanasaka Banchou Tekkou Banchou Dokuro Banchou Ourou Banchou

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