Aiko Tsukishima
Name Aiko Tsukishima
Kanji 月島 愛子
Romanji Tsukishima Aiko
Title First Generation leader of the Red Scorpion
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Age n/a
Likes Way of life, her son
Dislikes n/a
Professional Status
District Edogawa District
Occupation Red Scorpion
Personal Status
Relatives Takeshi Kongou (lover)
Rai Kodama (son)
Fighting Style Scorpion Killing Technique
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 22
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Aiko Tsukishima (月島 愛子, Tsukishima Aiko) was the 1st the generation leader of the all-female motorcycle gang 'Red Scorpio' and was Takeshi's lover and the mother of Rai. She died of giving birth to Rai and the shock of Takeshi leaving her.


She appear as a young and beautiful woman with dark medium hairs. She usually wears a gang leader outfit.


Despite being a gang leader she was shown to be a kind and caring woman who follows the woman way of life. She seems to trust Haruka a lot to take care of Rai. She never blamed Takeshi for leaving her because she believes everyone has their way of life.


Aiko was the founder of the all-female motorcycle gang "Red Scorpio" and was the one who founded Haruka and raised her as her sister. She later met a guy by the name Takeshi and fell in love with him. When Aiko was pregnant with Rai, Takeshi left for unknown reason possible leaving for the 23 District Project. Aiko told Haruka to take care of Rai as a mother and never blame Takeshi because he had his own way of life. Later she passed away from the shock of Takeshi leaving and giving birth.


  • Crazy Machine Gun (苦雰ジー魔神狼 [クレイジーマシンガン], Kureijī Mashingan; lit. Anguished Fog G-Devil Wolf)