Banchō (番長, Banchou), is a title conferred to individuals of exceptional fighting ability chosen by the Japanese government, granting the bearer of the title "Banchō" a territory within Japan as well as the ability to recruit henchmen in order to fight for Japan's domination.

Description Edit

The idea of Banchō takes its roots in the Yatagarasu project, however instead of merely producing super-soldiers, the Japanese government recruited individual with outstanding fighting abilities, may they be out of an unusual body or acquired skills, and augmented them until it could be said that the recruits were superhumans in order for them to fight until only one of them remains and be given domination over Japan. 23 Banchōs were recruited in order to fight for Tokyo, but many more all over Japan have fought each other for one of the other 46 prefectures of the country.

After their training is completed, a Banchō will usually bear a dark Banchō uniform, them take a territory in his assigned prefecture, corresponding to a district as seen in Tokyo's 23 District Project. They will then fight each other in a battle royale until all Banchōs but one are taken out, in that case the winner is given total control over his prefecture.

In reality, a Banchō winning his battle royale will be recruited in the even more secret Dark Student Council, and will follow Takeshi Kongou's leadership in the destruction and rebirth of Japan.

Abilities Edit

The Banchous all have various enhancements and weapons unique to them. The only thing they have in common is that they have been enhanced beyond normal human levels in ways that best suit their own talents and abilities.

List of Banchōs Edit