The Banchou Alliance is a group of banchou who were defeated by Akira and join forces with him and aid him in battle. They were five members of the banchou alliance and it was made when the Five Dark Vows attacked Akira highschool but then two more member join in. The Banchou Alliance have a lot of outside help to aid them in battle. In the final chapter they all went on they own way but still hang out as friends.


The Alliance was made when the Five Dark Vows attacked Akira and his high school but Kiriu, Yuu, Raionji, and Kobushi came in and aided him and made an Alliance with him.


The team was form when Yuu, Kiriu, Raionji, and Kobushi form a alliance with Akira to stop the Five Dark Vows and help Akira.

Banchou Alliance
AkiraKongouC KiryuTouyaC RaionjiC ShirayukinomiyaKobushiC YuuAkiyamaC
Akira Kongou Touya Kiriu Manson Raionji Kobushi Shirayukinomiya Yuu Akiyama
HarukaKodamaC AT-KM-100C
Haruka Kodama AT-KM-100

Outside AlliesEdit

Outside Allies
Hinako Tsukimi Sakura Rai Kodama Oyanana Onji Kairiki
Hinako Sakura Tsukimi Sakura Rai Kodama Hikaru Oyanana Onji Kairiki
DoukeC HomurayaRyougenC KangokuC NenchakuC Seitaka and Kongara
Yoruko and Asako Sourai Ryougen Homuraya Shizuka Komori Sora Kasuga Seitaka and Kongara
Drill Banchou
Mahori Tsuchiya

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