Candy Banchou
Candy Banchou
Name Candy Banchou
Kanji キャンディ番長
Romanji Kyandi Banchō
Title Candy Banchou (キャンディ番長)
Gender Female Female
Professional Status
District Meguro District
Affiliation Wolf Fang
Personal Status
Weapons Candy
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 63
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The Candy Banchou is a little girl who usually eat candy. As a member of the Wolf Gang, she seems to be strong but she has been easily defeated by Kenpei Banchou. She creates explosions using explosive candies, thereby taking away opponents ability to attack and causing absolute fear and agony.


Candy is shown to take thing easy and doesn't care much.It seem she doesn't rememeber people like she Gouriki name. She is very loyal to Shiga.

The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Candy and the Wolf Fang was training for the upcoming battle to defeat the Banchou Alliance. Tekkou said that they lost contact with the organization and he was worried but Shiga said it doesn't matter and that he will rule Japan.


  • Burst Candy (バースト・キャンディ(はじける飴), Bāsuto Kyandi): She spits several explosive candy to hurt him or destroy incoming attacks.


  • Candy Banchou is based on Yuuka Kiku's (31) "Candy Banchou" design.