The Choudenji Constitution (超電磁体質, Chōdenji Taishitsu) is a legendary ability that is used to control and move around anything metal with a magnetic field. Masaki Hoshikari is the only known user.


Along with the Hyperion Constitution and the Chougokin Constitution, it is one of the world's three rarest constitutions, occuring in only one out of four hundred million people. Normal people only possess very weak currents and negligible magentic properties, whereas those with the Choudenji Constitution are known to have up to 70,000 times the megentic properties of normal people.

After further training, one will have complete control over exteremely strong magentic forces and magnetic poles. In 1870, Heinrich Schliemann successfully excavated the ruins of Troy. He also possessed the Choudenji Constitution, but not many people know about that.

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