Dokuro Banchou
Dokuro Bnachou
Name Dokuro Banchou
Kanji 毒露番長
Romanji Dokuro Banchō
Title Dokuro Banchou (毒露番長)
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
District Chuuou District
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 63
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The Dokuro (Skull) Banchou is a member of the Wolf Gang. He seems to be a serious and strong fighter, but he was easily defeated by the Kenpei Banchou. Dokuro Banchou possesses an unusual skeleton, four times thicker than a normal person's one, greeting great resistance and the ability to resist any strike.


Dokuro is shown to be a very serious and cool person who doesn't show much emotion. He is very loyal to Shiga.

The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Dokuro and the Wolf Fang was training for the upcoming battle to defeat the Banchou Alliance. Tekkou said that they lost contact with the organization and he was worried but Shiga said it doesn't matter and that he will rule Japan.


  • Hasai Renkyaku (破砕連脚, Hasai Renkyaku, lit. Crushing Chain Kick)


  • Dokuro Banchou is based on Tashiro Yutaka's (11) "Dokuro Banchou" design.