Name Tsukina
Kanji 月菜(つきな)
Romanji Tsukina
Title Dr. Tsukina
Gender Female Female
Age n/a
Likes Machine, feelings, and life
Dislikes Dr. Kagimiya ways
Professional Status
District Bunkyou District
Occupation Kouichirou Lab
Personal Status
Relatives AT-KM-100 (created son)
Weapons n/a
Fighting Style n/a
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 43
Image Gallery

Dr. Tsukina was a co creator of AT-KM-100 along Kouichirou Kagimiya. Dr. Tsukina wanted Machine to find his own free will and become his own person but Kagimiya wanted nothing more than Machine to become a ulitmate weapon to serve him. Tsukina was later died and possible was killed by Kagimiya! Tsukina resemble Tsukimi Sakura which why Machine is fond of her.


Tsukina resemble a older version of Tsukimi Sakura. Tsukina have short blonde hair and wearing a white lad coat.


Tsukina personality is kind of like Tsukimi but more mature. Tsukina is a kind and caring woman who cared for Machine a lot. She see Machine as a person than a machine and wanted him to find his own free will and didn't like Kagimiya way of thinking about machines.

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