The Five Dark Vows (暗契五連槍, Ankei Gorensō) are a group of Banchou who work togehter to beat Akira.
The Five Dark Vows surrouning Akira
They are five member in this group but were disbanded after the Five Dark Vows Arc.


The five banchou made a alliances to defeat Akira.

Five Dark Vows ArcEdit

The Five Dark Vows invade Akira high school to beat him. Ryougen was the first to found him while beating up some student but Akira came in and try to stop him. Ryougen was happy to see him because he will be the first one to take his head. Akira try to fight Ryougen but was stopped by his underling and Ryougen let his underling to fight him. After Akira defeated the underling and Ryougen start attacking Akira but then four more banchou came in! They told Akira that they are the Five Dark Vows and they made an allies to defeat him? Akira start fighting the Five Dark Vows but they were too many of them and when they almost finished him off but then the people Akira defeated Kiriu, Yuu, Raionji Raionji, and Shirayukinomiya came in and try to save Akira? The Five Dark Vows summon all they underling to defeat them but they all defeated them with ease. The Five Dark Vows decided to continued the fight some other time and will tell them when.


Five Dark Vows
HomurayaRyougenC DoukeC NenchakuC KabukiC KangokuC
Ryougen Homuraya Yoruko and Asako Sourai Sora Kasuga Haruya Kaburagi Shizuka Komori

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