Fukou Banchou
Fukou Banchou
Name Fukou Banchou
Kanji 不幸番長
Romanji Fukō Banchō
Title Fukou Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 101.5
Image Gallery

Fukou Banchou (Unlucky Banchou) is a member of the Dark Student Council. He is always complaining and crying for being unlucky. He also have a crow on his shoulder, which usually confirms his fears that he is unlucky.


He was first seen together with Gothloli Banchou encountering Ourou Banchou. He felt that today's luck is the worst, since there was left someone very strong from the 23 District Project. Seeing Ourou Banchou defeating some of their members, they rushed at him trying to defeat him, but were easily defeated by him with one single attack. Fukou asked someone to stop him, but Ourou replied that he can't be stopped until he takes his revenge.


  • Fukou Banchou is based on Naminori Kujira's (24) submitted design.

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