Gekitotsu Banchou
Gekitotsu Banchou
Name Gekitotsu Banchou
Kanji 激突番長
Romanji Gekitotsu Banchō
Title Gekitotsu Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Image Gallery

Gekitotsu Banchou (Ram/Clash Banchou) is a member of the Dark Student Council. He have an pompadour as a hairstyle, which ends with metal plate he uses to fight.


Gekitotsu was first seen with other Dark Student Council members, ordering the people to destroy all the houses and buildings. Later he was saying to a citizen that he will loan his house for the next 20 years and after that ordered his men to destroy the house. He was together with Eco Banchou and Nourinsuisan Banchou, when he noticed Rai who wanted to stop them. After seeing Rai attacking Nourinsuisan, he attacked Rai, who tried to block his attack with Double Hammer, but was crushed by Gekitotsu's Pompadour Violence. He was surprised that after their attacks, Rai was still able to barely stand. But then Machine Banchou came and defeated Eco Banchou on landing. Gekitotsu used his Pompadour Violence again, but Machine Banchou was able to stop it easily with 1 finger. Then with a single attack of his Riot Fist, he defeated both Gekitotsu and Nourinsuisan Banchou.


He uses his pompadour with a metal plate at the end to ram and clash at his opponents.

  • Pompadour Violence (暴髪(バイオレンス・リーゼント), Baiorensu Rīzento): Gekitotsu is charging at and hitting the opponent with his pompadour with great force.


  • Gekitotsu Banchou is based on fan submitted design.

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