Gothloli Banchou
Gothloli Banchou
Name Gothloli Banchou
Kanji ゴスロリ番長
Romanji Gosurori Banchō
Title Gothloli Banchou
Gender Female Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 101.5
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Gothloli Banchou is a member of the Dark Student Council. She is dressed up in a gothic lolita style and carries a small stuffed teddy bear.


She was first seen together with Fukou Banchou encountering Ourou Banchou. She wondered who he is since he was strong enough the defeat their members. Together with Fukou, she tried to attack Ourou and told him that going against the Dark Student Council, the only atonement for him is for her scatter the rose of his life. But she was easily defeated together with Fukou in one fell swoop by Ourou.


  • Gothloli Banchou is based on fan-submitted design.