Goumon Banchou
Goumon Banchou
Name Goumon Banchou
Kanji 拷問番長
Romanji Gōmon Banchō
Title Goumon Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Image Gallery

Goumon Banchou (Torture Banchou) is a member of the Dark Student Council.


Goumon Banchou was first seen together with Juujika Banchou, where they told the people that peaceful pain awaits those who follow them, and agonising pleasure those who oppose Dark Student Council.

Later Goumon again showed up with Juujika Banchou, after Kenpei Banchou was defeated and wanted to defeat Iai Banchou, again offering peaceful pain and agonising pleasure to him. Kenpei told them to not touch Iai, but they didn't listen. Goumon used Chigiri Katsu Retsu no Kei to attack Iai, but Ourou Banchou showed up and took up his chain attack. Seen that Ourou let Iai to escape, Goumon said he will get death penalty for letting the sinner get away. Goumon got angry that Ourou was ignoring them and tried using the melamine-coated chain to torture him, but Ourou was able to pull out the men who were holding the chain from underground. After that Ourou attacked Goumon wit his Fenrir Claw attack and defeated him, while Goumon was screaming that if feels good.


  • Chigiri Katsu Retsu no Kei (千切割裂の刑, lit. Punishment by a Thousand Fractures): Goumon released an chain attack coming from the ground to bound him opponents and try to torture them by pulling the chains to different location. In reality, his men were underground and they were shooting the chain and pulling it.


  • Goumon Banchou is based on Yuuto Yamakawa's (12) "Goumon Banchou" design.

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