Name Grendel
Kanji グレンデル
Romanji Gurenderu
Title Mountain Destroyer
Race Cow
Professional Status
District Fukushima
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 18
Image Gallery

Grendel is a species of a cow, created by cross-breeding all of world's cows. It's got a horrifyingly wild temper and is really big in size. It destroys cow sheds and local towns and leads a group of cows from within its mountain home. Large hunting groups have entered the mountain in hopes of hunting the "Mountain Destroyer", but no one has come back alive and even the bears run from it.


Akira went looking for Grendel, when he met the cow, she was chowing a bear and had another bear on his horn. Grendel immediately charged and attacked him, but Akira was able to grab her horns and stop her charge. Then he done a suplex-like back throw and knocked her out and then milked her.

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