Hakai Banchou
Hakai Banchou
Name Hakai Banchou
Kanji 破壊番長(はかいばんちょう)
Romanji Hakai Banchō
Title Hakai Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Kai Kongou (Hakai Banchou was developed from his cells)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 86
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Hakai Banchou (Destruction Banchou) is the weapon Kongo Takeshi was trying to resurrect and the true objective of his plan. Haikai Banchou was created during the Pacific War during the Second World War as the ultimate supersoldier and a secret weapon to defeat the Americans. He is created with the genes of the Kongou, thus inheriting all their physical traits and more such as extreme durability, hardened skin, and regeneration. Kongou Homura's father, Kongou Kai sacrificed his life to seal this dangerous weapon which was supposed to be dropped in America and destroy the country deep into the earth, binding him by wrapping his body around him. Due to him being man made he has the power of regeneration, he doesn't feel fatigue or pain, also he doesn't require food, water or air, as he was sealed in tightly-packed space underground for more than 60 years and he does not age at all.


He uses his body's monster-like power to fight.

  • Hakai no Tsuchi (破壊の槌, Destruction Hammer): A punch that can both shatter flesh and steel immediately.
  • Hakai no Yari (破壊の槍, Destruction Spear): Piercing with his finger like a bullet, Hakai Banchou can penetrate even steel.