Hanasaka Banchou
Hanasaka Banchou
Name Hanasaka Banchou
Kanji 花咲番長
Romanji Hanasaka Banchō
Title Hanasaka Banchou (花咲番長)
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
District Toshima District
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 63
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The Hanasaka (Blooming Flower) Banchou. A member of Wolf Fang that has a great knowledge of plants, he alters plants to create his no poisonous weeds, and he is a flower master who uses poisonous flowers. He seems to be a person who gets excited very easily and when he gets too excited he recklessly spreads his seeds with complete disregard for those around him, although he does apologize after he calms downs.


Hanasaka is shown to be a polite person. He is very loyal to Shiga.

The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Hanasaka and the Wolf Fang was training for the upcoming battle to defeat the Banchou Alliance. Tekkou said that they lost contact with the organization and he was worried but Shiga said it doesn't matter and that he will rule Japan.


He uses his specially made seeds to fight.

  • Housenka (砲閃華, Hōsenka, lit. Flash Flower Cannon): Hanasaka Banchou scatters his seeds over a large area which quickly grow into large thorned vines to trap his enemies.


  • Hanasaka Banchou is based on Big Taru Bobshell G's "Hanasaka Banchou" design.