Hanzou Aniha
Gisou Banchou
Creeping Imposter
Name Hanzou Aniha
Kanji 兄波 半蔵
Romanji Aniha Hanzō
Title Gisou Banchou (偽装番長)
Gender Male Male
Likes Deceiving people
Dislikes Other peoples secrets
Professional Status
District Mie Prefecture
Personal Status
Weapons Special gunpowder, Training needles, Ninja sword
Fighting Style Tae Kwon Do
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 72
Image Gallery

Hanzou Aniha (兄波 半蔵, Aniha Hanzō) is the banchou of the Mie Prefecture. He is the Gisou (Disguise) Banchou. He uses Anjuin (暗呪音, Anjuin): Taking advantage of person's sense of hearing, using unnoticeable high and low frequency sounds, created by whistling. He is able to force others into a hypnotic sleep, and then he goes and kills them. The most powerful banchou of Mie prefecture and member of the Dark Student Council. A modern shinobi who pledges his allegiance to Nippon Banchou. Under orders from Nippon Banchou, he used hypnosis at the Sea Fog hotel on Mugenjima and plotted a night attack on Kongou Banchou and his companions. This terrifying dealer in camouflage snuck in through a hole in the wall of the hotel without disturbing a single person, in order to disguise his appearance and location.

Nenbutsu Banchou recognized his hypnotic attack and wasn't caught in it, thus he was able to defeat him.




The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Hanzou later headed to the Mugenjima island to stop the Banchou Alliance from ruining their plan. Hanzou manager to put everyone to sleep by using his Anjuin and was about to kill Yuu Akiyama in his sleep but was stop by Master Raionji. Raionji explained that he knew that Hanzou was using Anjuin to put everyone into deep sleep, Raionji also explained that since he is also a hypnotist, he was able to be not effected. Hanzou jump out of the window to escape from Raionji but Raionji followed Hanzou and order him to set his friend's free from the curse he put them but Hanzou told him the only way to set them free is to defeat him. While Raionji was being beaten, he told Hanzou that he will protect them but Hanzou told him he knows who he really is and think he doesn't really care about them and stab him with his foot, but it turns out to be a illusion created by Raionji and grab him.

Hanzou manager to lift Raionji and toss him over the building and follows him to finsih him. While Raionji was falling, he thought he was going to die but soon realize that he need to protect his friends and it was his turn to saved them. Raionji used all of his Katsu to launch at Hanzou and end up defeating him. Hanzou came out of the smoke all defeated and realized that he underestimated Raionji too much and thought he gave up his life, but it turns out that Raionji survived the blast due to the force of the blast knock him flying into another room. Raionji ask why Hanzou would use a disguise which Hanzou told him because he did it for himself and he should understand since he is a precious but Raionji yelled at him and told him even if he is precious he has friends now and know they lives are more important than his and told him if he has anything worth in life.

Hanzou then though about Takeshi Kongou who then realize he is important to him and release a special sound by killing himself which made the ground below the Banchou Alliance to raise up, just for Takeshi sake.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 5/10
  • Stamina: 4/10
  • Spirit: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 7/10
  • Agility: 7/10
  • Technique: 9/10


  • Death Butterfly's Requiem (死蝶葬 , Shichō-sō): He spreads a gunpowder around, which reacts to sounds.
  • Assassin (暗殺針(アサシン), Asashin): An intense kick using needles hidden in his shoe.

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