Juujika Banchou
Juujika Banchou
Name Juujika Banchou
Kanji 十字架番長
Romanji Jūjika Banchō
Title Juujika Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Image Gallery

Juujika Banchou (Cross Banchou) is a member of the Dark Student Council.


Juujika Banchou was first seen together with Goumon Banchou, where they told the people that peaceful pain awaits those who follow them, and agonising pleasure those who oppose Dark Student Council.

Later Juujika again showed up with Goumon, after Kenpei Banchou was defeated and wanted to defeat Iai Banchou, again offering peaceful pain and agonising pleasure to him. Kenpei told them to not touch Iai, but they didn't listen. After Ourou left Iai escape and took down Goumon, he told Juujika to not get in his way, since he wants Kenpei, but Juujika he is fool that do not knows fear and attacked him with his thorns, but managed only to scratch him. But it turned out that the thorns were from a angelic thorn boa and were poisonous. He warned Ourou that he will die in 3 minutes, but was attacked by Candy Banchou and Hasami Banchou cut the tail of the boa. Seeing they hurt his boa, he got angry and attacked them with Brave Sword, but Kaiten Banchou blocked his attack and send him in the air, where Dokuro Banchou kicked him, breaking his cross, falling on the ground he was stuck to it by Tekkou Banchou. Seeing he can't move, he ordered the boa to help him and swallow all of them, but the boa was intimidated by Ourou Banchou and instead turned against Juujika and swallowed him


Juujika Banchou's main fighting attacks use the thorn boa he have around him, with it he is easily able to poison and kill him enemies in 3 minutes.

  • Brave Blade (祝福の剣(ブレイブ・ブレイド), Bureibu Bureido): Juujika Banchou starts rolling on his cross towards the enemy.


  • Juujika Banchou is based on Shouta Koyama's "Juujika Banchou" design.

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