Kai Kongou
Kai Kongou
Name Kai Kongou
Kanji 金剛 魁(こんごう かい)
Romanji Kongou Kai
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Homura Kongou (son)
Takeshi Kongou (grandson)
Akira Kongou (grandson)
Soara Sorano (grandaughter)
Sayuri Kongou (daughter-in-law)
Hakai Banchou (artificial human created from Kai Kongou's cells)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 81 (statue)
Chapter 86 (skeleton)
Image Gallery

Kongou Kai was the father of Kongou Homura and the grandfather of Akira Kongou, Takeshi Kongou and Soara Kongou. He died in an attempt to seal away Hakai Banchou, a secret weapon made from his genes. When Takeshi freed the Hakai Banchou, he smashed Kongou Kai's skeletal remains. Kai Kongou is the first of the Kongou family to bear the title of Banchou. He saved Japan on countless occasions unrecorded in the pages of history.

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