Kousoku Banchou
Kousoku Banchou
Name Kousoku Banchou
Kanji 光速番長
Romanji Kōsoku Banchō
Title Kousoku Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 96
Image Gallery

Kousoku Banchou (Lightspeed Banchou) is a member of the Dark Student Council.


Kousoku was first seen flying around Bankara Tower together with Missile Banchou. Later while checking the grounds and that there are no troubles and everything is going to according to plan, he was surprised by Machine Banchou who flew really fast next to him. He followed him and saw him that he defeated 3 Banchous. He warned Machine Banchou, that for raising his hand against Dark Student Council, he won't be forgiven and asked him to surrender, but before he was able to finish his lines, Machine Banchou flew away again. He got annoyed that his advice was ignored and contacted their base.

Soon after that he came with Bouei Banchou and his flying army. In the midst of the fight, Kousoku came flying with Kenpei Banchou on his back and attacking Machine Banchou from behind. Seeing the attack from Machine Banchou, Kousoku was able to dodge it, while Kenpei jumped away from his back. Kousoku then used his Rapid Feint and asked Machine if he can keep up with his super speed, but without any troubles Machine grabbed him for the face and slammed him to the ground defeating him, saying "no problem". After the short fight with Akira, Kenpei kicked up Kousoku and told him to get up, then left flying together with Kousoku.


Kousoku Banchou have the ability to fly with his jets and have extremely high flying speed, but none of his actual combat was seen.

  • Rapid Feint (ラピッド・フェイント, Rapiddo Feinto): Kousoku uses this technique to fool their opponents using super high speed flying around them and waiting for opening to strike.


  • Kousoku Banchou is based on Shouta Morikawa's (13) submitted design.

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