Mahori Tsuchiya
Drill Banchou
Name Mahori Tsuchiya
Kanji 土屋 真堀
Romanji Tsuchiya Mahori
Title Drill Banchou (ドリル番長)
Gender Male Male
Likes Good spirited woman
Dislikes Soft and muddy stuff
Professional Status
District Toyama Prefecture
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
Weapons Drill, Small-sized Shield Machine
Fighting Style Karate
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 69
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Mahori Tsuchiya (土屋 真堀, Tsuchiya Mahori) is the Drill Banchou. One of the strongest fighters within the Dark Student Council, Drill Banchou is a fairly well-rounded Banchou with a unique set of tools and skills. His left arm is equipped with a drill which he uses for close-combat fighting and his right has an excatavtion machine that adds edge to his fighting style. Despite working for the Dark Student Council, Drill Banchou is a very honorable, friendly, and relaxed person who likes children.


Tsuchiya makes his first appearance after Gamu Kishiri's defeat, rescuing him from Haruka and Akira Kongou. He later shows up as part of the island destroying team, barely avoiding a trap set by Yuu Akiyama before fighting, and losing to, Haruka Kodama .

He has a crush on Haruka and retains it even several years later at her wedding in the final chapter.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 7/10
  • Stamina: 7/10
  • Spirit: 10/10
  • Intelligence: 5/10
  • Agility: 8/10
  • Technique: 8/10


He uses his drill to fight.

  • Tyrant Digging (タイラント・ディギング, Tairanto Digingu)
  • Tyrant Slanting (タイラント・スランティング, Tairanto Surantingu): After an opponent dodges his drill thrust, he turns around and attempts to backhand with it.
  • Mole Trap (土竜の罠(モール・トラップ), Mōru Torappu):


  • Drill Banchou is based on Akimasa Usuba's (17) "Drill Banchou" design.