Meiko Arenji
Meiko Arenji
Name Meiko Arenji
Kanji 阿蓮寺 茗子
Romanji Arenji Meiko
Title Kaizou Banchou (改造番長)
Gender Female Female
Likes Machines
Dislikes School, Being alone
Professional Status
District Osaka Prefecture
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
Relatives Mentioned as being in the arms business
Weapons Giant Tools
Fighting Style Modifications
First Appearance
Manga Debut 92 (Masked) 95 (Unmasked)
Image Gallery

Meiko Arenji (阿蓮寺 茗子, Arenji Meiko) is the Kaizou (Remodel) Banchou and a member of the Dark Student Council. His true identity, as revealed by Yuu Akiyama, is a genius little girl for a family of arms manufacturers; however, because of intellect she was isolated by her peers and never had any friends. As a result, she decide to use the brainwashing devices she had perfected in order to turn the defeated Banchou from the 23 District Project into slaves and have them attack Kongou's group, including Touya Kiriu.


At some point prior to her introduction, she captured Kiriu with the aid of Kenji Isaki by threatening to kill Yoruko and Asako Sourai. Later, she began kidnapping Banchou from the 23 Districts Project and remodeling them with her Mind Snatchers.

In the final chapter, set several years later, she is Machine Banchou's mechanic and has become a teenager with glasses.


Due to her past, Meiko has a warped view of people, treating them as machines rather then living beings: she called her remodeled Banchou 'Toys' and had them fight each other for her amusement. However, she is deep down just a lonely little girl who desperately wants friends.


  • Genius Level Intellect: As noted by Yuu, Meiko is a genius, able to easily complete the mind snatcher were all others falled.
  • Mind Snatcher (マインド・スナッチ, Maindo Sunacchi): A device which is attached to the back of the neck, where it connects directly to the cerebral nerves in the spinal cord, taking control of it's victims memories. It was developed by the Ministry of Defense and completed by Meiko. While hard to remove, it is vulnerable to sudden impacts and electricity.
  • Rush Driver (ラッシュドライバー, Rasshu Doraibā)

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 1/10
  • Stamina: 1/10
  • Spirit: 8/10
  • Intelligence: 12/10
  • Agility: 2/10
  • Technique: 11/10


  • Touya Kiriu: When he was under her control, she considered him her 1# toy. After he is freed, he forgives her and becomes her friend. The two are seen exchanging numbers in the volume 11 title page (with a seemingly jealous Yoruko watching).


  • She is the only Banchou in the series who can't fight on her own.
  • Her name is a play on the english words make and arrange
  • She is likely the youngest Banchou.

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