Nourinsuisan Banchou
Nourinsuisan Banchou
Name Nourinsuisan Banchou
Kanji 農林水産番長
Romanji Nōrinsuisan Banchō
Title Nourinsuisan Banchou
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 97
Image Gallery

Nourinsuisan Banchou (Ministry of Farming, Forestry and Fishing Banchou) is a member of the Dark Student Council.


Nourinsuisan was first seen flooding the school ground and ordering the people to destroy the pointless buildings, to make fields and lake with fishes and stating that under his lead Japan's food production will triple. He also asked the people to trade their cellphones for hoes and leather shoes for rubber boots. He was together with Eco Banchou and Gekitotsu Banchou, when he noticed Rai who wanted to stop them. He saw a gadget on Tsukimi and quickly took it with his fish rod. Rai quickly attacked him with his Double Hammer, but that didn't do any damage, and he complimented him for his power and will put him to work in public pull transport. He told that the only machines he will see are farming machines, and all else if forbidden, but Rai didn't agree to that and Nourinsuisan quickly attacked him with his Crimson Tractor. But then Machine Banchou came and defeated Eco Banchou on landing. After stopping Gekitotsu's attack, Nourinsuisan quickly tried to attack Machine Banchou telling him that he will make him into compost, but with a single attack of his Riot Fist, Machine Banchou defeated both Gekitotsu and Nourinsuisan Banchou.


He have a fishing rod which he carries and uses to grab things. He also have a hidden tractor blade .

  • Crimson Tractor (赤い耕転機(クリムゾントラクター), Kurimuzon Torakutā): Neourinsuisan takes out his tractor blade which is hidden under his clothes and use it to attack and cut his opponent.

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