Rai Kodama
Rai Kodama
Name Rai Kodama
Kanji 児玉 磊(こだま らい)
Romanji Kodama Rai
Gender Male Male
Age 5-10
Likes mommy; squid shiogara
Dislikes boring adults; shellfish shiogara
Professional Status
District Edogawa District
Affiliation Honwaka Daycare Centre
Personal Status
Relatives Takeshi Kongou (father)
Aiko Tsukishima (mother)
Akira Kongou (uncle)
Kodama Haruka (adoptive mother)

Yuu Akiyama (step father)
Unnamed step brothers and sisters
Homura Kongou (grandfather)
Sayuri Kongou (grandmother)

Weapons Goo
Fighting Style Brawling
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 20
Image Gallery

Takeshi's son who looks like a mini version of him. He is friends with Tsukimi and acts like Akira. He uses Takeshi's phase "Don't sweat the small stuff". Rai can also use the Double Hammer but his is far weaker than Akira's since he is still a kindergardener.


Rai was born to the gang leader Aiko Tsukishima who had a loving relationship with his father Takeshi but Takeshi left for unknown reason possible leaving for the 23 District Project but his mother Aiko never blame him because he had his way of life. When his mother gave brith to him she was dieing and told Haruka to take care of him as his mother and she did.

Unknow Relative ArcEdit

He first appeared in this arc with Tsukimi in the kindergarten school playing with her in the sand box but when her sister Hinako came in, she was shock to see a "tiny Kongou" but Tsukimi explain it to Hinako that he is not him but Rai say it doesn't matter to him because he is he and Rai is Rai and told her don't sweat the small stuff. When they were waiting around for someone to pick Rai up Hinako was suprised and laughing how Rai and Akira are alike. But then Kiryu former underling were causing problem to the school and Rai got out to stop him and he did by using his Double Hammer! Hinako was shock to know that Rai used Akira move. Then a women came by and started to sing some words and then the guy was paralyze? Hinako was confused at who she is but then Rai ran to hear and yelled mommy which suprised Hinako a lot because she is very young? They later talk while walking home and the women named is Haruka Kodama and that she had Rai for five years and she only 18? But then Hinako mention Akira and show her the picture which Haruka was shocked and said to Rai they finally found Rai father!? Rai was shocked to see a picture of his father and want to go with mother to beat him but Haruka put him to sleep to keep him away from the fight.


He seem to be the combination of Akira and Takeshi when they were young. He loved his mother very much and say "don't sweat the small stuff" like his father did. Rai is easy going and loves sweet like Akira. He seem to be fond of Tsukimi and in the final it seem like he want to go out with her.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 4/10
  • Stamina: 3/10
  • Spirit: 4/10
  • Intelligence: 1/10
  • Agility: 3/10
  • Technique: 2/10


  • Double Hammer: Rai can perform the same attack as his father and uncle, though much weaker, but still to the point of sending people many times larger than him flying.

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