Ryougen Homuraya
Bakunetsu Banchou
Name Ryougen Homuraya
Kanji 炎屋 燎原
Romanji Homuraya Ryōgen
Title Bakunetsu Banchou (爆熱番長)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age 17-18
Likes Hot-blooded
Dislikes Non hot-blooded, backing down
Professional Status
District Koutou District
Occupation Five Dark Vows
Personal Status
Weapons Gun Powder
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 24
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Ryougen Homuraya (炎屋 燎原, Homuraya Ryōgen) is the banchou of the Koutou District. He is the Bakunetsu (Heat Burst) Banchou. His motto is "anyone whose not hot-blooded should die!" He is a member and possibly leader of the Five Dark Vows. Due to him always being hot-blooded he is always yelling when he speaks, due to his weapon of choice he has quite a bit of heat resistance. He is a man that never backs down and can only 'explode' into battle, since backing down to him means defeat and those who are defeated aren't hot-blooded. To him hot-blooded means "To live life facing your goals with unwavering effort and bursting forward with fighting spirit" since many people in Japan look back they are not hot-blooded to him and to him have no value. He admitted defeat when he backs away from Akira during their fight.


Homuraya is a harsh man and always yell out what he said and he is a hot-blooded man who believe if nobody is hot-blooded they should die because he think if they hot-blooded they can do anything. After he was defeated by Akira he calm down a bit but still have his hot-blooded attitude. Despite this he is shown to care a lot for his teammate.

Five Dark Vows ArcEdit

Ryougen and the Five Dark Vows went to Akira high school to defend him but Ryougen was beating up some

Ryougen found Akira

student for not being hot blooded but Akira came in and stop him. Ryougen was happy to see him because he will be the first one to take his head. Akira try to fight Ryougen but was stopped by his underling and Ryougen let his underling to fight him. After Akira defeated the underling and Ryougen start attacking Akira but then four more banchou came in! Ryougen wasn't happy about this but decided to fight with them but then the people who Akira defeated Kiriu, Yuu, Raionji, and Shirayukinomiya came in and try to save Akira? Ryougen and the Five Dark Vows summon all they underling to defeat them but they all defeated them with ease. The Five Dark Vows decided to continued the fight some other time and will tell them when and Ryougen wanted to fight Akira. The Banchou Alliance went to where the Five Dark Vows wanted them to fight them and
The group escaping the destruction

Ecaping the stages

they went to an abandoned military base to fight and challeged them to a one-on-one fight each of them and they will fight in different level of the base and each one have a suprise in them. After his teammate were all defeated he was next and up against Akira. They were gonna fight in a volcanic stage but then the place was going to explode and the magma was rising and it turn out that Haruya Kaburagi sent the alarm to destory the place because for revenger on Yuu. The Banchou Alliance and the Five Dark Vows decided to do the battle another time and try to escape. When they get to the elevator it wasn't working and realize the power is out. Ryougen used his body to reconnect the power. But Akira came in and decided to help. The elevator is working again and the rest told them to come but they say they should go on ahead? They did what they told them and went up to the surface and the place crash down! They all thought they died but then they both pop out of the crumbles and they were all happy to see them alive. Akira decided to continued the fighte here and Ryougen agreed. The rest were worried that they need help from the injurt but they said they wanna to settle the fight. But then Kiryu sense something and then a missle came in and exploded where Ryougen and Akira were but it turn out they were okay and it turn out that this place is a the fuji live firing exercises. The rest told them to get away but Ryougen said he doesn't run away from anything and
Akira hitting Homuraya with Double Hammer

Akira attacked Ryougen

continued the fight. They start fighting each other but Ryougen was trying his hardes attack but Akira doesn't feel much. Ryougen told them that he doesn't run away because it mean defeat and defeat means he's not hot-blooded and when a missle almost hit him he grab it and toss it on Akira and expolded. Ryougen seem to be winning but Akira used his lead hands and punched Ryougen in the stomach. Ryougen said it was nothing but then he started to cought blooded! Akira told him what does hot-blooded means to him and he told him hot-blooded means "To live life facing your goals with unwavering effort and bursting forward with fighting spirit" since many people in Japan look back they are not hot-blooded to him and to him have no value. Akira told him why he attack his classmate and he said they were cold-blooded without knowing them first. Akira beat Ryougen and told him his logic is flawed but Ryougen withstand the attack and fight back. But Akira got him back with the Wild Trailer. Ryougen was heavy injury and his teammate were suprised that Ryougen is like a monster to them but he is nothing but a child compairing to Akira and told him to stop fighting
Akira stopping his fist

Ryougen defeated

him but he wouldn't listen and conuited but he had no chance now. When he look at Akira again he look like a giant monster and he was nothing but a little man and now feeling timid toward him and thought he was getting smaller because he got his hot-blooded back but it turns out he was backing away and was suprised to see that and shock to know he was scared of him now and know thinking himself as trash as the other people. Ryougen had no choice but to put a bomb inside of himself and destory Akira and himself! Everyone try to stop him but he did it and said that he have no value anymore but still a banchou. But Akira punch him in the stomach, got the bomb and toss it into the sky and it expolde. Ryougen was suprised that this and was wonderliy why he looked so huge to him and was thinking it was because Akira power or his fear but Kiryu came in and told him it was because of his capacity to accpet anyone even the weaks. Ryougen admit defeated and ask him to finish him off but Akira didn't and told him that the fight is over and they should go somewhere to eat. The Five Dark Vows told him they forgive him and they went out to eat.

The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Ryougen was fighting a mysterious banchou who is wearing a white uniform. Ryougen asking the guy if he was the one who was attacking every banchou but the banchou didn't say anything and Ryougen attack him but then Ryougen went to Akira classroom to find Akira and he was beaten half to death!! Akira told him who did this and he said a banchou with a white uniform? Ryougen told Akira they are not from the 23 District Project and passed out?


The 3 Enjou Brothers (苑上三兄弟, Enjō San-Kyōdai) are his underlings. They use cocktail molotov, gasoline ballon and flamethrower to attack. Their real names are Kouichi (浩一, Kōichi), Kouji (浩二, Kōji) and Kouzou (浩三, Kōzō).


He use gauntlets filled with gun powder to fight.

  • Heavy Burst Attack (重・爆・撃, Jūbakugeki):A barrage of punches that explode with each hit
  • Burning Barbarian Burst Attack (焼・夷・爆・撃, Shōi Bakugeki): First he starts scattering gunpowder around his enemy then using the friction of his gauntlets to ignite.
  • Direct Drop Burst Attack (垂・直・爆・撃, Suichoku Bakugeki): A flaming hammer blow.


  • Bakunetsu Banchou is based on Hachisu Uemura's (11) "Fire Banchou" design.