Sayuri Kongou
Name Sayuri Kongou
Kanji 金剛 さゆり
Romanji Kongō Sayuri
Title Sayuri Kongou
Gender Female Female
Age n/a
Likes Her family and helping others
Dislikes Harms toward others
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Occupation n/a
Personal Status
Relatives Akira Kongou (younger son)
Takeshi Kongou (older son)
Soara Sorano (younger daugther)
Homura Kongou (husband)
Rai Kodama (grandson)
Kai Kongou (father in law)
Weapons n/a
Fighting Style n/a
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 61
Image Gallery

Sayuri Kongou (金剛 さゆり, Kongō Sayuri) was the wife to Homura Kongou and the mother to Akira, Takeshi, and Soara. She was a loving mother/wife to her family and was willing to help anyone even if they not from her country. She was the pride of Japan and many people look up to her. She died 14 years ago trying to save Akira in a burning house. She is the reason why Takeshi wanted to change Japan.


She appear to be a young beautiful women despite having three children. She have a medium flower hair that is black. At that time when she was in a another country she was wearing white nurse like outfit.


Sayuri is a kind, caring, and thoughtful person who wanted to help anybody even if it cost her life. She is a loving mother/wife to her family and was willing to go into a burning down house to save one of her children.


She was married to Homura and had three children Akira, Takeshi, and Soara and was living a great life with her family due to her husband being a diet member. Sayuri was in a another country trying to help the poor people who are effect by the war in the country. Her kids went there to see her and they were very happy but Takeshi was the most happy to see her. She told Takeshi she can't come for a while which upset Takeshi and ask her why she helps them and she say she helps because she wanted to and she see they are no different from normal people. She ask him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to sleep next to her. After a fun time an attack from the enemy came and destroyed the house. Everyone escape except for one girl who Akira befriended and so went back to save her, once they got out Takeshi yelled at him because they mother went back to save him but it was too late, the house broke down and crushed their mother! Once the doctor found her Takeshi was mad at Akira and said he will never forgive him but their mother said it was okay and said her final words and told them their good qualities and died which left Akira and Takeshi in tears.

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