Scorpion Killing Technique
Haruka Scorpion Killing Technique pose
_Also Known As
_Classification n/a
_User(s) Terumichi Kanbe
Haruka Kodama
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Media Debut
_Manga Chapter 22

Scorpion Killing Technique is a graceful defensive and evasive style of fighting and uses acupressure attacks to paralyze the enemy.


It's said that technique started out as the oldest acupuncture treatment in the world and then was developed by a old Japanese martial artist Terumichi Kanbe. What was used to heal by stimulating the acupuncture points and channels (routes for the circulation of the body's energy) was put to use in marital arts to stop movements of one's enemy or dull the workings of the brian to make them useless in battles.

In Scorpion Killing Technique, instead of using needles, they use a special hand position (The Scorpion Killing Fingers). However it was far too dangerous technique to teach, the government suppressed it and was lost to the darkness of history. Nowadays, it's said that only a few people exist can use this technique.





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