Shidou and Shirou Kanbi
Mujyun Banchou
Name Shidou and Shirou Kanbi
Kanji 管尾 志道(兄)
管尾 史郎(弟)
Romanji Kanbi Shidō
Kanbi Shirō
Title Mujun Banchou (矛盾番長)
Gender Male / Male
Likes Weaklings
Dislikes Weaklings
Professional Status
District Shimane Prefecture
Affiliation Dark Student Council
Personal Status
Weapons Taizan's Shield & Taizan' Spear
Fighting Style Mujun Gentou Jutsu
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 74
Image Gallery

Shidou and Shirou Kanbi (管尾 志道/管尾 史郎, Kanbi Shidō/Kanbi Shirō) are the Mujun Banchou, a pair of twins who use a spear and shield to fight. Their fighting style is Mujun Gentou Jutsu.


The two appear to be identical twins; the older brother (Shidou) wields the shield and has his ponytail on top of his head, while the younger brother (Shirou) wields the spear and has his ponytail down low.


Fitting for a duo whose title means 'Contradiction', the brothers act and speak in contradictory manners, behaving like utter hypocrites. The older is seemly timid while the younger is aggressive; however, once Haruka sees through their ruse, they reveal that their personalities are in fact the reverse: the older is aggressive and nasty while the younger is timid and obedient.


The duo battle the tag team of Haruka Kodama and Kobushi Shirayukinomiya, eventually being sent flying by Kobushi with one attack.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 7/10
  • Stamina: 9/10
  • Spirit: 9/10
  • Intelligence: 7/10
  • Agility: 5/10
  • Technique: 5/10


While it at first appears that their tactics revolve around the younger brother attacking while the older defends, the reverse is true: The Shield is meant for offense, while the spear is for defense.

  • Hyaku Raimei Dousen (百雷鳴動閃, lit. Hundred Rumbling Thunder Flashes): The younger brother rapidly jabs at opponents with the spear.
  • Gouraku Dangaishou (豪磊断崖衝, lit. Mighty Landslide): The older brother smash the shield down onto opponents.


  • Their title and fighting style are a reference to the Chinese story: The Strongest Spear vs The Strongest Shield.
  • Mujun Banchou is based on Masato Yahana's (28) "Mujun Banchou" design.

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