Soara Kongou
Name Soara Kongou
Kanji 金剛 そあら
Romanji Kongō Soara
Title Soara Sorano
Gender Female Female
Age 16
Likes Idol, singing, encourage people and make them happy
Dislikes Banchou, hurting people
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Akira Kongou (brother)
Takeshi Kongou (brother)
Homura Kongou (father)
Sayuri Kongou (mother)
Fighting Style Idol
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 58
Image Gallery

Soara Sorano (real name Soara Kongou) is the younger sister of Akira and Takeshi. She is Japan (or possible) the world greatest idol because she reads every fan letter and remembers who wrote them, performs on stage on every concert, and she work as a fireman, a poilce officer or anything that helps people!  She refuses to fight as banchou and prefers to continue being an idol, since that makes some people happy and encourages them, which is something she dreamed to become.


She has long black hair, which is braided into two pony tails. She usally dress up as a idol.


She is shown to be a kind and caring person who wanted to make people happy and encourage them (which she got from her mother.) She is shown to hate fighting which is the reason why she refuse to become a banchou. She is shown to be a hardworking person and manager to do almost everything.


She was a baby when her mother died and she barelly remember her well. Later in her life she became a idol to Japan.

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