Sora Kasuga
Kasuga Sora
Name Sora Kasuga
Kanji 春日 空
Romanji Kasuga Sora
Title Nenchaku Banchou (粘着番長)
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
District Taitou District
Occupation Five Dark Vows
Personal Status
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 24
Chapter 32 (real body)
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Sora Kasuga (春日 空, Kasuga Sora) is the banchou of the Taitou District. He is the Nenchaku (Adhesion) Banchou. He is a freak of nature having the body of a child hidden under thick layers of a slimy, sticky mucus that is covering every little bit of him, he is still far from normal even if he gets rid of that slimy shell. His tongue is extremely long and super sticky while being sharp enough to cut like a knife. His philosophy is "Eat bugs even to survive" meaning he believes in endurance and being persistent about life. Before his defeat he had 100 underlings.

Five Dark Vows ArcEdit

Kasuga and the other Five Dark Vows invade Akira high school to beat him. Homuraya was the first to found him while beating up some student but Akira came in and try to stop him. But then four more banchou came in! They told Akira that they are the Five Dark Vows and they made an allies to defeat him? Akira start fighting the Five Dark Vows but they were too many of them and when they almost finished him off but then the people Akira defeated Iai, Hikyou, Nenbutsu, and Gouriki Banchou came in and try to save Akira? Kasuga and The Five Dark Vows summon all they underling to defeat them but they all defeated them with ease. The Five Dark Vows decided to continued the fight some other time and will tell them when and Kasuga wanted to fight Raionji.

The Banchou Alliance went to where the Five Dark Vows wanted them to fight them and they went to an abandoned military base to fight and challeged them to a one-on-one fight each of them and they will fight in different level of the base and each one have a suprise in them. Kasuga was the third one to fight and he is up against Raionji. When Raionji got on stage it turn out to be a trap and he is trap with Kasuga. Kasuga told him he made him a grave but Raiojin destoryed it because it said he is bald which made Kasuga mad.

When they start fighting Raionji try to float away but he can't due to the glass box
Tallow Fossil

Kasuga fossil Raionji

they trap in and try to destory it but the glass was too strong. Kasuga start attacking Raionji but Kasuga was getting tired by using all the goop but it turn out he used it to trap Raionji! Kasuga contuied to goop him and turn him into a fossil! When he thought he defeated him then a crack on the glass wall broke and it turn out that Raionji reduce caliber of his air attack and broke out and beat Kasuga. When he thought he defeated him it turn out he destory the goop cover and it reveal his true form! He turn out to look like a little boy but then he shown his long tongue. Kasuga told Raionji that when he win he wanted everyone to hate bugs because that will be the only food on the planet of a nuclear bomb attack. But Raionji told him he got a long way ahead to learn but Kasuga called him bald
Kosuga getting mad from Raionjis face

Kasuga lost the game

which made Raionji angry and decided to grow hair out of nowhere! Raionji told him that the reason he bald to do his duty as a buddhist and told him it hurt very badly and he can't stand it but Kasuga eat a giant centipede which taste horrible. But then Raionji decided to eat three charred plestiodons. Kasuga got an idea and decided to play a game of Batou Kouron which a game where the two people stand behind a line toward each other and the other person say an insulted and the first person to get out of the line out of angry loses.Kasuga was so far winning and was calm but Raionji wasn't doing well but when he called him a a "blebleeech" which angry him so much he went over the line and Raionji won the battle?

He later came back to see Ryougen fight with Akira but the place was going to expoled because of Kabuki Banchou and try to ecape with the others. After that he and the others saw Ryougen fight but he was losing and told him to quit. After Akira saved everyone by tossing the bomb away to save them he and the other Five Dark Vows forgive him because he saved they life once. Kasuga and the other decided to go out and eat. Kasuga ask Raionji to play a other Batou Kouron game some other time but Raionji angrliy said no thanks.

The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Sora was beaten half to death by a mysterious banchou wearing white.



He use his body to fight.

  • Never Bind (ネバー・バインド, Nebā Baindo): Spraying out his sticky mucus all over the place, a chemical reaction within the substance and Nenchaku Banchou's sweat causes the mucus to quickly harden. The more the opponent coated in it moves, the more difficult it becomes to move freely. This can even go so far that breathing becomes impossible.
  • Tallow Fossil (タロウ・フォシル, Tarō Fosshiru): Having free control over his sebum consistency, Nenchacku Banchou can cover his opponents in an extremely quickly hardening coat of mucus that becomes as hard as amber.
  • Batou Kouron: This is Nenchaku Banchous last "attack" drawing a line in the ground he and his enemy begin having an insult fight to angry one another and the one to cross the line loses.
  • Tongue: His tongue is super sticky and sharpe as a blade and can wrap around anything.