Takeshi Kongou
Name Takeshi Kongou
Kanji 金剛 猛
Romanji Kongō Takeshi
Title Nippon Banchou (日本番長)
Gender Male Male
Age 19
Likes The destruction and regeneration of the world.
Dislikes Everything that is in the way of his ambition.
Professional Status
District Japan
Affiliation Dark Student Council (Leader)
Personal Status
Relatives Akira Kongou (younger brother)
Soara Sorano (sister)
Homura Kongou (father)
Sayuri Kongou (mother)
Kai Kongou (grandfather)
Rai Kodama (son)
Aiko Tsukishima (lover)
Weapons Muscles of Steel
Fighting Style Brawling
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 23
Image Gallery

Takeshi Kongou (金剛 猛, Kongō Takeshi) is the Nippon (All Japan) Banchou. Takeshi is Akira's older brother and has been a competitor in the 23 District Project his father established from the very start. However, he has only recently shown to become active after Akira had interfered with the plans of the project and managed to 'conquer' half of Tokyo's districts on his own. Despite Akiras claims to go and defeat both his father and brother, Takeshi has always been the stronger of the two brothers and moved up the ladder of success at an astonishing rate. After the efforts of the 23 Districts Project were crippled by Akira and forced to a standstill, Takeshi founded the Dark Student Council and changed the Organisations plans to a nation-wide battle. Each Banchou that manages to gain control over one of the remaining 46 prefectures outside of Tokyo is automatically appointed a seat in the Dark Student Council. Members wear white banchou uniforms and their plan is to destroy the civilization in Japan under Takeshi's lead and the rebuild and restructure the country according to his will.


Takeshi is shown to be a easy going man and say "don't sweat the small stuff" but when his mother died and a lot of the people in his town started to bad mouth her, he got mad and now sees Japan a rotten country and wanted to change it. He means well but his anger drove him to the path of darkness which made him wanting to destroy everything even if that person was his father or brother if they got in his way. However near the end of story Takeshi realizes that he's way of thinking would lead him nowhere thus, he'll sacrifice himself to shield his brother from the heat of the heart's core.


Takeshi growns up with his little brother Akira and his baby sister Soara. They were living a good life with they father because he is a diet member. They mother went to another country helping people from the war that is going on. Many people praised they mother for her good deed but some woman found it disgraceful for a woman to leave they family and help in the war. Takeshi got mad at the woman and scared her off and Akira trying to calm him down. Takeshi and his sliding went to the country where they mom were helping people and they were reunited with they mother. But Takeshi was more happy to see his mom.

After spending time with her Takeshi was upset when he found out she gonna still for a while longer. Takeshi ask her why she helps them and she say she helps because she wanted to and ask him what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to sleep next to her. After a fun time a attack from the enemy came and destroyed the house. Everyone escape expert for one girl who Akira befriended and went back to save her, once they got out Takeshi yelled at him because they mother went back to save him but it was too late, the house broke down and crush they mother! Once the doctor found her Takeshi was mad at Akira and said he will never forgive him but they mother said it was okay and said her final words which left Akira and Takeshi in tears.

When they got back they notice there a lot of note saying bad stuff about they mom and Takeshi ran off to the
Takeshi Double Hammer

Takeshi sent Akira flying

market and heard a lot of people bad mouthing they mother and he finally snap and frighting them and destroying the place with his bare hands. Akira found him and stop him and told what they mother said but ignore him and told him those people doesn't deserve happiness and Akira was left shocked. Every year they visited they mother's grave but they relationship were never fixed. 14 years later Akira went to the a clips and met Takeshi who told him about the 23 District Plan and told him he want Akira to be a part of it but he shut it down and they began to fight because Akira told him don't do this but Takeshi ignore him and sent him off a clips thinking he was dead but Akira survived and vow to destroyed the 23 District Project.

He later had a lover relationship with Aiko Tsukishima and got her pregnant with Rai but later left possible due to the 23 District Project.

Five Dark Vows ArcEdit

Takeshi first appeared here and was impressed that Akira manages to took down six banchou and was planning to make a team to beat him

Machine Banchou ArcEdit

Takeshi was riding a taxi to the natural diet building to meet his father Homura Kongou who was the person controlling the 23 District Project to talk about whats happening. When he got there his father was destroying the place due to them being there for boring reason. Takeshi told him to stop and then they talk about this Banchou who could be as strong as himself!

Family Reunion ArcEdit

Takeshi later went to get help from his younger sister Soara but she refuse and later he went back to headquarters and then a woman came by and told him about three new members join in and told him more are coming!? Takeshi told her good work and then there is a file that have the word "Damocles Project?" Takeshi told her that they plan is coming soon. Later Takeshi went to a grave yard to see his mother grave but then he saw Akira and told him he doesn't want to fight in front of they mother and later think about they mother death. Takeshi told Akira that the next time they met they will decided who is the strongest. He also said that he will destroy the rotten country and sent those ignorant people to hell. He also said that people who live without purpose, who can't live without others managing everything are no longer human!? Akira then told him that he will destroy the 23 District Project and he will defeat him and they father. Takeshi walk away and told him that no one and stop this?

The Dark Student Council ArcEdit

Takeshi started the Damocles Project and sent some of the Dark Student Council to destroy the banchou who knew about the 23 District Project. He somehow manages to hack into all the TV screens and phones in Japan and told them of his plan being Damocles Project. To show he is serious he destroys Tokyo Tower! When Takeshi was about to leave, Akira was so furious that he smash the floor so hard he got Takeshi attentions.

Banchou StatsEdit

  • Strength: 15/10
  • Stamina: 15/10
  • Spirit: 15/10
  • Intelligence: 10/10
  • Agility: 12/10
  • Technique: 10/10


  • Double Hammer (打舞流叛魔(ダブルハンマー), Daburu Hanmā)
  • Golden Claw (剛流電凶龍(ゴールデンクロー), Gōruden Kurō)
  • Hellbound (背流罵怨弩(ヘルバウンド), Herubaundo)
  • Monster Shoulder (悶修堕処硫打(モンスターショルダー), Monsutā Shorudā)