Takuzan Okawari
Name Takuzan Okawari
Kanji 岡理宅山 (おかわりたくざん)
Romanji Okawari Takuzan
Gender Male Male
Likes Any sort of ramen; second helpings; picking on students
Dislikes students he can't bully
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Affiliation Raimei Private Highschool
Personal Status
Weapons Bottle
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Takuzan Okawari is a treacherous P.E. teacher, hated by all the students at Raimei Highschool. He lives to pick on students, but appears to at least love his own family.


Okawari met Hinako in the town and started to pick on her, then he saw Akira and also started mocking him for his clothes and hair style. He decided to give him new hair style by spilling his ramen over his head. He started angry to hit Akira, screaming that he have to teach unwilling brats just to feed his son and daughter. But he slipped and in the very same moment a steel rays from the near construction began to fall and was about to crush Okawari. But Akira placed himself between Okawari and the steel rays and saved his life. Okawari asked him why did he save him and risked his life, after all the things he done to him, to which Akira replied it's because he have a family.

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