Torayoshi Shougaku
Name Torayoshi Shougaku
Kanji 小学虎吉 (しょうがくとらよし)
Romanji Shōgaku Torayoshi
Title Lieutenant
Gender Male Male
Age n/a
Likes Preaching to his underlings about the way a man should live his life; sushi
Dislikes wimpy guys
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Occupation Yazuka Syndicate Office
Personal Status
Relatives n/a
Weapons Katana
Fighting Style Swordmenship
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Torayoshi Shougaku, is the lieutenant of the Bouryokudan who polishes men of the ways of the Yakuza in the Shougoku Syndicate. He leaves the ordinary folks alone, showing himself to be a man of principles.


Torayoshi shows a lot of loyal toward the Yazuka Office and even respect Akira for his strength and kindness.

Meeting AkiraEdit

Torayoshi tried to kill Akira because Akira was destroying the Yazuka place. He tried to use his sword on Akira, but Akira broke it with only two fingers. Everyone was shocked to see that but he keep on doing the same thing, but with no luck and was beaten with one punch. Torayoshi asked what his name was and Akira told him his name and why is he here.

After Akira got what he wanted, the Yazuka were confused why he gone so far for this but Torayoshi said because he is a banchou who are honorable men but today that meaning was obsolete. Torayoshi said that "they will silently extend a hand out for the weak, they will fight to the very end, even if there were a hundred, a thousand opponents they will stand firm against them. An honorable man who protect their companions "Banchou" a man among men."


Torayoshi shows great skill as a swordmen.

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