Tsukimi Sakura
Tsukimi Sakura
Name Tsukimi Sakura
Kanji 桜 月美(さくら つきみ)
Romanji Sakura Tsukimi
Gender Female Female
Professional Status
District Chiyoda District
Personal Status
Relatives Hinako (big sister)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

Hinako's little sister, she attends the same preschool as Rai Kodama and looks up to Akira as if he were her big brother, calling him "Akira-nii".


She is a well behaved child and always tries her hardest. She is very kind and forgiving when that guy who tore up her drawing and Machine for killing Akira (of course she wasn't willing to forgive him but she later did after Akira was back.) She tend to talk in a third person.


  • Hinako: Her big sister. Because their parents are overseas, Tsukimi has come to see her as a surrogate mother.
  • Akira Kongou: The two quickly become friends after Akira helps her find Hinako after getting lost. The bond between the two is almost paternal.
  • Machine Banchou: The two become close friends after he mistakes her for the dead Doctor Tsukina. Tsukimi teaches him the meaning of life and death and helps him become his own person.


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